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Our research focusses on exercise, physical activity and rehabilitation.

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Holsworth Research Initiative Stream Leads feature in Spirit Levels Podcast

The Human Performance and Active Rural Individuals Stream Leads, Associate Professor Brett Gordon and Dr Daniel Wundersitz, alongside the HRI Research Assistant Dr Blake Collins, lend their expertise in physical activity and human function to a brand new podcast, Spirit Levels. On the podcast, journalist Jenny Valentish and actor/filmmaker Frank Magree investigate what considerations you and your health practitioner should have before you throw yourself into unaccustomed physical activity.

In the episode ‘Run Before You Can Walk’, Jenny and Frank discuss the physical activity tests that they undertook under the guidance of the HRI team when they visited the La Trobe University Flora Hill campus in September this year. Brett, Blake and Dan were able to provide Frank and Jenny with an overall assessment of their health and function after their body composition was examined, aerobic and anaerobic fitness measured and their muscular strength, endurance and power determined.

Using state of the art equipment within the La Trobe Rural Health School Exercise Physiology laboratory, Frank and Jenny undertook a Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) scan, blood glucose test, isokinetic dynamometry, Wingate Anaerobic Test and Maximal Aerobic Test (V̇O2 max). See below footage of Frank performing a Maximal Aerobic Test and listen to the podcast episode ‘Run Before You Can Walk’ in full on Spotify and Apple.